About Yoga for Your Yoni

Open and tune into the yoni and pelvic floor, while igniting the strength, suppleness and juiciness within this in this mysterious and powerful part of your body. In this loving and supportive environment, you’ll explore gentle and restorative yoga, along with yogic breathing, sounding, meditation and other embodiment techniques. Together we’ll deepen our connection to our yonis and expand our capacity to open more easily for our pleasure, our power, and if pregnant (or desiring to be), for our babies.

This practice can be very useful in releasing the tension and trauma sometimes caused by birth/miscarriage/gynecological procedures, athletic injuries and emotional stress. We’ll increase circulation, relaxation, optimal function, strength and pleasure, while decreasing discomfort, disconnection and dysfunction.  As we become more aware and embodied, the pleasurable possibilities increase!

This juicy adventure is open to self-identified women of all ages and life stages, including the preconception, prenatal, postpartum and peri-menopausal seasons.

Taught by a birth and women’s yoga specialist with over two decades of experience supporting people during preconception, pregnancy, birth and beyond this class will shed some rare insight into the pleasure, power, and possibilities within your yoga practice and your magical yoni.

Course Curriculum

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    Yoga for Your Yoni

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